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Thursday, June 21

BC Bloggers Meme: Things That Make You Happy

Okay, so now that I've joined a meme, it is high time to do the meme!  Hopefully I could do all the things needed.  By the way if you're so happen to be not yet a member of the BC Bloggers perhaps you can visit this link here and join us.

So here are the Things That Make You (Me) Happy.

My loving wife and kids
Our bonding moments 
My paintings
My collection of cars
My writing career as a blogger
My accomplishments in life
New things that I learned
Smiles from my kids faces
My kids' giggles
Our small house
Our life
Relationship with God
Some perks
My family
My friends
My new found friends
My relatives
My crafty things
Our garden
New gadgets perhaps

So far that's all that I could think of.   I think almost everything present in my life makes me HAPPY!
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