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Saturday, June 9

Daddy Day Care: Separation Anxiety and Big Treats

One of the things that breaks a parent's heart is when they need to leave the house to earn something for the kids.  That's the common problem of all working Dads and Moms.  The separation anxiety!  Kids often holds to their parents whenever they are leaving the house.  This is normal as long as it is explained to the kids very well.   According to some experts parents should not skip or hide from their kids when leaving because it will only cause more trauma for the kids.  It will give them negative effect.

Unfortunately, this happens to us today and our eldest, Maki, started crying and wanted to come with us but we explained to him that we have a schedule event for today.   So, while preparing and Maki still crying, we keep on explaining to him and told him that we might have something for him when we come back.

Still crying, his grandpa hold him and keep him busy for a while.  So we head on to our destination.  Unfortunately, we are late but was able to have the main purpose of the event and good thing that they have a big treat for us and that big treat was just right as present for kids.  Thanks to McDonald's for that great Big N' Tasty treat and everything was just big enough.

So, when we came home, Maki's face glisten and was amazed of what we have for them.  All big treat from McDonald's.

 Maki and Gelo playing inside the crib.

Kids are simple and not complicated, so when you say that you're coming back they'll believe that you're coming back and if you promise that you're going to bring something back home they're going to expect that.  So always make sure to keep your promise and if ever you cannot keep that promise to talk and explain.  As I've said they are simple and not complicated.

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