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Friday, June 29

Eventfull and Date Weekend,

Last weekend was totally a blast for me and my wife because we have to attend food events during the weekend.  And that's why I wasn't able to put anything on this blog.  Though it was something both of us, me and my wife, liked doing, we feel bad that we couldn't bring along our kids.  So we just made this events our sort of date.  We seldom do this kind of dating since the two kids came in.  Usually it's a family date.

Taken at Buffet 101 though I didn't eat there.  hehehe.
Thanks to Jenny Gonzales Roxas for this photo. 
Saturday though we have different events in the morning we ended up together on the afternoon.  Still hunting for the tasks that we are supposed to finish for a blog contest which we were frustrated on that day because we didn't get any tasks done.  At least my wife gets to know places that she'd never to.  It was like those days of dating, walking and strolling inside the mall even though we don't have anything to buy.  It was a fun Saturday Night.  

Sunday morning we did bond with the kids and play with them.  Then before lunch time we left again and continue with our tasks for the blog contest which we are hoping that we did get the task done.  If you're curious about what was the task you visit my other blog Kwento Ni Toto and my wife's blog MAG of My Life and read the story there.  If you like the story please do comment as well.

Afterwards we went straight to one of our event in SM South Mall thanks to Sir Rob for the shuttle.  Far south indeed and I think this is the first time that my wife came there.  It was a food trip galore and we were full after that event.   Lovely couples making every event and food trip just like a date.  Love that!

Our event at Black Canyon Coffee in SM South Mall and
our date as well.  
Hope to do that again and again but of course we would love to have our kids with us during dates.  Not sure about this coming weekend but maybe more of Daddy Day Care perhaps.   

Hopefully I could add one more activity Story Time with the kids.

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