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Friday, June 29

Friday Toys: Single Seater Trike

If you have been following this blog for 4 years (hmm imagine that it's already 4 years) already I'm sure you'll recognize this picture.  Yeah!  This is Maki's picture on his first birthday.  The Single Seater Trike is a gift from his Tita Shierleen.

Talk about durability of this Trike, up to now it is being used by my youngest son, Gelo.  Though some parts of it where already worn off or detached like that hippo on the front and that cover at the back.  All in all it is still properly functioning.  Actually that trike has already been used by three kids already and I think it is really tested by time.   Toys can last long if properly taken care of.

Perhaps that trike will still last until Gelo turns 4 I think.  My sister did know how to pick a good product then.  So if you're planning to have one like this, try to check out different stores first before deciding and be sure to get the good buys with good quality.  A reminder as well, make sure to take care of them.  It will for sure benefit not only the present kids but the coming as well.  Just make sure to clean it well as if it was always new.
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