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Friday, June 15

Human Nature, All Natural For Kids and For All

As a parent and specifically as a Dad, I would really want my kids to have the best of what is available in the market, quality food, quality clothes and quality services. I want them to experience the best in life but of course I'm not born with a golden spoon in my mouth so, the main problem is resources. As we all know, all that is best always ranked up in the market, meaning the prices are way too high for a parent like me who's earning not quite good enough. But I really want something that is okay and not harmful for my kids. So I have to look for a better alternative that offers the same quality, same ingredients but differs in costing and does not harm my kids sensitive skins.

Last month, my wife and I were able to attend a bloggers conference in which one of the sponsor is from a company called Human Nature. Though given with a limited time, she was able to at least deliver the whole history of their company and their vision. I know if I'll write all of them here it would be quite long and tiring to read. So, to make it interesting I'll dig in to some information that you would also want to know and if you want to dig more perhaps you can drop on their website

Okay so here it is as far as I can recall it and as far as I understood what she said. Oh by the way the guest was a she and her name is Sarah Brillantes. She's really good on what she does.

So Human Nature was formed by three Gawad Kalinga volunteers namely Anna Meloto-Wilk, Dylan Wilk, and Camille Meloto. Who are well versed on how and what's the situation of the poor families in the Philippines and also an environment advocates. It all started with their needs for their children that lateron became something they worked out to provide materials and ingredients that are best for their kids but does not give a bad effect to the environment.

Human Nature was launched in November 2008. Today, it has become the country’s leading and trail-blazing social enterprise, hailed by Entrepreneur magazine as “the game-changer of the decade,” and studied as a successful working model for a social enterprise by students at Berkley University, California and Lee Kuan Yew in Singapore. It has sold almost 3 million products through its network of16,000 dealers and its 19 branches all over the country. This year, it started selling its mineral makeup line Love Minerals at Beauty Bar, the only Filipino cosmetics brand carried by the premiere personal care chain. A selection of Human Nature’s best-selling products is available at Rustan’s Supermarket and Shopwise. Human Nature is also distributed in the US and Singapore, with more plans of expansion on the way.  Basically the people behind Human Nature aims three principles as they do their business. Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor and Pro-Environment. Pro-Philippines because most of the the ingredients and raw materials of their products came from the Philippines. Since their ingredients are locally produced, Poor people are given a chance to work and provide livelihood for their families which make it Pro-Poor and lastly since the owners still wanted a better place for their kids their products are entirely Pro-Environment.

So next time that you buy things, always think of our kids future!
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