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Monday, June 11

Monday Rush: Bonding with Gelo and Maki

The day before the Independence day.  It's Monday and though I wanted to go to work today my body was just to weak and it does not feel well.  Maybe I got tired of the weekend and the sudden change of weather. Well another sick leave to be filed again.  Hay... used one day leave again.

Anyway, though I'm a bit weak and sickly, having time with kids eases them off.  It was fun staying in the house with the kids and helping out my eldest do his homework.  The artistic Daddy Yashiro draws again as one of my eldest son's assignment is to cut or draw five respective greetings.  We were supposed to cut some of it in an old work book but the drawings were on both sides so I have to deal with it and draw similar drawing.  It was fun!  At least I get a week day with the kids.

During the afternoon I got a call from one of my blogger friends and guess what... I won an earphone from Creative.  Wooohooo....  So, he invited me to claim the goodies at SM North EDSA Annex.

When my eldest son arrived home from school, I dressed him up and we went to SM.  Sorry for our little one, he has to stay with his grandparents for a while.  The weather is not good to bring him.  So were off to get the winning prize.  It's Dad and son bonding moment.

When got to the place Maki stared at the games being played.  He sure misses playing on a desktop PC.  We've waited for a while and Maki got a full view of the games.  The prize was given to me and took some few shots then we're off to meet my wife.

It was fun!  Hope to get another week days with the kids!

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