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Monday, June 18

Monday Rush: Leaky Ceiling Due to Typhoon

It was Monday, as much as I wanted to curl under the sheet it is really a bad weather.  It was raining from evening until dawn and perhaps that might have caused the leaks inside the house.  Floors were wet because of those leaks.  I don't know how many holes our roof has but I'm pretty sure that its plenty.    The leaks are not just drops but it's actually dripping.  Because of that I did stay in the house and somehow fixed that leaks, at the same time cleaned the house as well.  Just when I thought the rain would continue the whole day, the sun rises!   Grrrr... the weather!  It's really unpredictable now when and where it will rain.

So the day was just a busy day in the house and afterwards worked on some articles and blog posts.  Whew!  That was really a day.  At least I get to have another bonding moment with the kids.

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