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Tuesday, June 5

Random Thoughts: Teen Parents

This is something that I just want to express my thoughts about a news that I recently read and heard about a young teenage mother (I guessed) who forgot her baby strap on to her safety seat on top of a car and drove off.  Not realizing that the baby was there and fell off in an intersection.  Thank God that nothing happened to the baby but I think it's traumatic for her to fell off from the top of the car and perhaps roll over the street.  According to the report allegedly she was doped.  For whatever reason it is I'm it's not right to leave the baby on her seat on top of the car.

I don't want to be so judgmental about  this issue but I think the main focus here perhaps is about having a baby at an early age.  Many of the teens nowadays are having their babies as early as 14 or even younger.  Yes the feeling was good, the self expression of so-called love during this age and the thought of actually proving love by surrendering virginity.  It was the happiest hour of their life and also the beginning of a very big responsibility, raising a child.

Though there are teens who strive hard to learn and become responsible parents.  Yes they are young but eager to provide good future for their little ones.  I honor those teen couples who keep their chastity belt tight and wait for the right time to let it loose.  On our part, my wife and I let it loose at the right time and raising kids are not simple but its fun.
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