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Saturday, July 7

Dad On The Run: Returning

Pose before the run.  hehehe!
Well, since Dads need to stay fit and healthy with their kids here's one section that I'll be adding on to this blog as part of my personal growth. I, Daddy Yashiro, will be journalizing my runs, running events and my experiences about running. Of course the health benefits that I'm attaining from this as well. To be precise I will still note even my run during the weekdays which I'm sure I will only get seldom pictures and videos.

Okay, to start with this new journey of my life as father and as a runner my first journal would be this recently concluded FILA and Athletes in Action's School Run for School Rooms which was participated by different schools, agencies, and individuals. I think the runners went overa thousand, it was like a colony of ants.

I did share before that one of the blessings that I've received was the new set of running shoes and that's what I used. I'm very thankful for the generosity of FILA. Though I get a hard time scouting for the best shoes for my feet. My feet's shapes is quite extraordinary so I really need shoes that will not only fit but will give comfort to it while having a run.

The Fila Mentor Running Shoes.
So, the School Run for School Rooms was a good day to start my running again and also to have the FILA shoes tested.

I wore my singlet, which looks good on me and it fits okay. I also wore some light material shorts but I know it's not a specific shorts for running but it will suffice. Maybe in coming days and when I have extra budget I'll buy running gears but for now I will just use what ever materials that I have. Since my hair is quite long now I did wear a head dress to keep my hair in tact and also let the sweat sip in to that material.

Right before the gun shot
In every sports there should always be a warm up exercise to avoid muscle strains and injury so we were given a few minutes work out to stretch that muscles. Then we're ready, I'm ready. First gun shot was for the 10K runners. They have given 20 minutes interval for the 5K runners to prepare and settle in the starting line. 5K run category was a jampack, it's not easy to run when it's really closed like a sardines pack. I think I was able to have a good start a few hundred meters after the starting line. There were lots of first for me here, first time to run on a wet surface, first time to run with my new running shoes and first time to document my run.
Other runners.
Since this is my first time to experience to run in a running event on a wet terrain I somewhat have a little hesitation on where to land my feet. I really need to be very careful. Also running on a new shoes with less knowledge of its power to grip on the terrain to avoid any slip or accident. It is indeed a test run for me and the new shoes but after a kilometer I was able to get a hold the comfort of the shoes and it's grasp on a wet floor.

I'm running again and it feels great excreting those sweats but of course I don't want to overdo it so the run was 70% run and 30% brisk walk. I need to condition myself again for a full 5K run.

The whole stretch of the run covers different terrain that made my running quite interesting, the cemented road and the rough and water terrain which is good because it allows me to switch phasing in order to match with the situation I'm running on to. One thing that is not good about the run is that it only got two hydration station, one in the middle of the stretch and the other at the finish line. I have learned that from previous runs that we need to hydrate our body in order not to have any health problem and not put ourselves into a big problem.

Finish Line, the time indicates 52minutes and 30 seconds
which is the time of the whole category runs.  I finish the run
first then took the shot.  
I was able to finish the run in 31 minutes which is quite faster than my previous runs. This recent run is the best.

On stage are Georgina Wilson, Borgy Manotoc and Tim Yap
So, this is my first journal of my run and watch out for more Dad On The Run!
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