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Sunday, July 8

Daddy Day Care: Mom Is Sick, No Substitution

Last Thursday my wife, Angie, informed me through a text message that she was sick. She has fever and tonsilitis. When I read about this, I got worried about her and our kids. So when I came home from work I found my wife with jacket and jogging pants with fever. Hay... I think I'm in for a great weekend workout with the kids, plus a run with Fila and Athletes in Action School Run For School Rooms.

I started my Saturday at around 3:30 AM. It's the usual time that I woke up when ever there are runs that I'm attending to. So I went to the run, run and finished it. When the event is finished I went home tired and sleepy but of course I need to take care of the kids first, feed them and of course bath them. Since I was really sleepy I took the opportunity when our youngest son was taken by my father and took him for a walk. So I was able to take a nap, at least a few minutes, but when I woke up my head is aching.  Woo!   What a headache I should have slept longer.

After lunch I wash the dishes and clean a bit.  Took care of the kids again and have more bonding moments.  My wife felt a little bit better and joined with us but of course she needs to relax yet and not play to much.  When it's time for marketing, I ask my eldest son to accompany me to the marketing.   He's in good mood, he brought with him a bottle of water.  Just wonder why bring water in just going to the market.  Anyway so we went to the market but after every few meters he would stop and drink water.  Hay... kids!  So I just told him to hurry up because we might not get the good ones in the market.  Gladly he agreed and went on walking.  We bought chicken, banana and calamansi.  Just enough for our dinner together with my parents. 

We got home and cleaned the chicken.  Without any breading and with only marinated with calamansi juice, I fried the chicken.  Crispy and delicious, simple and tasty, that's how we cook chicken.  Then we have dinner.

Whew! No substitution from wifey but good thing that my parents are there to help us.  So my mother took the liberty of clearing the table and washing the dishes and me cleaning and washing the kids.  It's time for their bed time.  

A few minutes after my wife, Angie, wasn't feeling good again so she rested first.  The kids isn't sleepy yet so I let them roam around first and exhaust them to make them fall asleep but they were all really in hype.  I think they fell asleep really late and I'm also exhausted.  I was supposed to finish some articles but could let my eyes open more so I led myself to bed.   

The following day, Sunday, was more exhausting!

Now, it's really hard when one of the parents got sick!  That's why we, parents, as much as possible should not get sick.  

How about you, what do you when your spouse get sick?

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