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Sunday, July 1

Daddy Day Care: Unexpected Tantrums and Event Conversation

Since my eldest son knows already what we (me and my wife) are doing every time that we are away from home (me aside from my work), just today a conversation came in with regards to events.

After the Church Service, my eldest son craves for McDonald's.  We don't know why he craves for it but it just suddenly came from him that he wanted to eat at McDonald's.  With our present situation, spending much is really not good for us but since we don't want him to make too much tantrums my wife decided to treat him to McDonald's.

While having our dinner my son suddenly mentioned something about events and I was amazed that he did knows that much already.  He said to his mom "Mom you don't have events today?"  It was really nice to know that he already understand things that we are doing but of course his craving for McDonald's is not good.

Afterwards we did try to explain to him about his actions that we don't want him to do that again.  It's not really good when kids starts their tantrums out of nowhere.  Anyway, I think everything will be settle if we constantly talk to him and explain much more.
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