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Friday, July 6

Friday Toys: Puzzle

One of my son's favorite toys, this puzzle. He would always love to play with this puzzle. I'm not really sure how many variations they (my father and Maki) have made but it sure has lots of variations excluding the one the picture.

This puzzle was brought by my aunt from abroad and I think it was years before me and my wife got married. Imagine that it was more five years already and it is still being played by my son. The pieces of the puzzle has already been got lost and found and I think the other piece was made my father since they could not find it anymore. I'm sure it's just somewhere out there in the corner or under the cabinets.

It was great that Maki did enjoyed and learned solving this puzzle. Perhaps the next thing that we will teach to master was the rubik's cube which is somewhat a little more puzzling but I'm sure he'll learn it very soon.

Puzzles like this are highly recommended for kids but of course below 3 years old are not yet allowed to play with because most of its parts are choking hazard. If you want your 3 years old to play with it just make sure to be there and guide them to avoid accidental choking.

Be safe!

By the way I think I'll try to have some contest in the near future using this puzzle so better try to learn the pattern.
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