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Sunday, July 1

Kids Are Always Affected

In the family Kids always end up as shock absorber of the turmoil and conflict between parents.  It is really unlikely to have an intense conversation when kids are present, or worst physical contact.  I'm not a Psychology graduate or knows much about kids but as a parent and based on my experience, kids do have certain negative emotions and feelings when parents are fighting or having an intense conversation.  That's why as much as possible we would discuss things when kids are not around but there are times that kids are there and I can feel that they are much affected with it.  So, we would stop and have it in a more private room.  There are just times that parents do converse with each other and it is one way to settle things between the two.  Also, I think it is a part of a growing relationship as long as physical contact and verbal abuse does not goes with it.

While having my comment exchange round ups I read on Paula's blog about the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.  It was really shocking to know that this sweet couple ended up like this.  What's worst is that their daughter will endure the outcome of their divorce.

I don't know why is it that most celebrity couples don't last that long, knowing that they are always seen publicly and most people look up onto them as role model.  Though there are some that truly live up of being a role model.

I'm not a perfect husband and a perfect dad but I don't want, as much as possible, to let my kids suffer from any decision that me and my wife does or will do. I don't want to deprived them of their rights.

How about you?  What are your thoughts about kids being affected?

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