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Tuesday, July 10

Parenting: No Toy Guns

Ever since that Maki and Gelo came into this world, Me and my wife wouldn't want to have any Toy Guns in the house. For quite some possible and understandable reason. If I may and for those who would ask me why, well, here are my answers.
  1. Toy Guns gives an idea to the kids that it is normal to play with guns. Maybe if they are old enough to undertand the idea of guns and the idea of being responsible when it comes to guns.
  2. Kids should be taught with good things and not teaching them to hold guns and start a war.
  3. In some cases, playing toy guns were the caused of some firing accidents because kids have taught that their parent's guns are just toys. 4. They might hurt other kids or themselves.
But of course some of the Godparents who are not well versed, yet, with us not having any toy guns in the house have already provide that gift. Yes, it's a gift and we are thankful to that but since Maki does not yet understand what is going about we just hid the toys and will just put it out when that time comes.

Recently, while doing my round ups of cleaning my email messages, I opened one of the message from a parenting site and it did catch my attention with its article entitled “Mommy Can I Shoot You?” It's quite disturbing that a son is asking his mom if he can shoot her. So I got curious and head on to the article itself. It was this mom's story about his son asking her to be used as a target by his son. She even explained that as much as possible she doesn't want to have any toy gun in their house but her husband is quite persistent to give their boys a present during the Christmas season.

Just like that mom, it's not that I don't want my sons to play toy guns but I want them to play with it when they are old enough to realize what is a toy and what is not. Also, I want them to be responsible enough when playing with their toy guns. Though it is a toy it would still hurt somebody.

What do you say about this?
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