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Tuesday, August 28

BC Bloggers' Meme: Blogs That You Regularly Read

My very first post for this week and thanks to Paula and to all who voted for this topic. It was an honor to host this weeks BC Bloggers' Meme again. Glad that few of my submitted were found interesting to be shared to others. So without any further blabbering about things I'll start with this meme and perhaps encourage other readers or bloggers to join as well with BC Bloggers Network, if you would just visit their site and participate at BC Bloggers.

Of course there was a saying that "No Man Is An Island." As much as we don't want to, time will come that we will have to learn from others and of course we share as well. For bloggers the best way to learn from others is by visiting their blogs and reading their works. Trust me you'll get know to things that you don't know.

So what are the blogs that I usually visit? Well, since I started blogging way back 2008 there are some blogs that are always on top of my lists to lurk around or just simply have a glimpse with what interesting things to know about.

This is not on rank but randomly thought and placed here. Actually first thing that into my mind.

A Blogger and A Father
I'm pretty much sure that you already know why I regularly visit this one.  There are lots of daddy bloggers who are already not just telling their stories but participating as well when it comes to their kids and this blog is one of them.

Maitri's Heart
Well as I've said there are some blogs that I have read long before and this one is one of them. Her blog is a personal blog that you can learn things in life.

The Ad Master
Okay long before when a blog advertising company was still up, I sometimes drop by to this blog I think 4 to 5 times a days because his ad banners are all over. This is where I get some ideas about blogging as well. If you see this blog, well, don't get confused because the owner is a she.

Just Another Pixel - news-worthy & personal
Just Another Pixel
Found this blog in one of the blog advertising that I've been telling and ever since then I've always read her story on her blog and guess what we've met and became friends. Though I don't regularly leave comments I make sure to have a glimpse of her blog.  Aside from this blog she also got a number of blogs that she maintains.

Azrael's Merryland
Talk about pioneers! This guy is one of the pioneers in blogging. If you want to learn things about blogging and of course earn from it just read his blog .  You'll sometimes meet him on different events and he also does some bloggers activity for other bloggers to learn as well.

Also I regularly visit this blog because I do have a tech blog also and I sometimes get my ideas and thoughts on his blog. If you've watched one of the episodes in Mhel and Joey about blogging, he is there and there's one lesson I've learned from him, "write at least one article a day."

These are just some of the blogs that I regularly read, lurk around, and visit! I have learned a lot from their stories, experiences, insights and realizations. So how about you? What are the blogs that you regularly visit? Hope you could share it as well.


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