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Thursday, August 16

Book Review: Lexi Fairheart and The Forbidden Door

Little kids love stories.  Perhaps that's where they get most of their dreams and imaginations.  The more stories that they are being read or told with, the most wild will their imagination be.

For this part of this blog I will be featuring and reviewing some of the reading materials for kids that I could find.  Of course, I will be sharing here as well all my insights about a certain book.  Also, I will recommend it as well to parents and parents to be.

Our book for review is entitled Lexi Fairheart and The Forbidden Door which was authored by Lisl Fair who has a Masters Degree in Speech-Language Therapy and Audiology and also involved in Brain-based Learning and Development and illustrated by Nina de Polonia.

To start with here's a little information about the story in my own understanding and words perhaps.

The story is about Lexi Fairheart, a little kid who always brings a back pack with her and who's always curious whenever she finds a closed door.  Her story happened when she visits her grandfather who studies insects.

Short isn't it!

Okay, the is fairly written to match up with the word capability of kids in general.  I have tried story telling it to my kids and they've enjoyed listening to it.   It is a short story that will be loved by kids not only because of its graphic contents but because of its very descriptive intonation that will make readers really imagine what's being done.  It can easily be grasped by kids who already knows how to read but of course some kids would still want their Dads or Moms to tell these stories for them.

The story teaches kids not to get to curios on things that could possibly hurt them.  Perhaps the author wanted to share to kids that there are times to get curios and there are times as well to obey instructions.

So for this specific book for kids here's my rating.

Story - 2 Thumbs Up!
Character - 2 Thumbs Up!
Lesson - 2 Thumbs Up!

For parents and parents to be I highly recommend this ebook for your kids.  Get the kindle edition of this story here.

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