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Saturday, August 11

Daddy Day Care: Safari-stic Adventure At Lions Park Residence's

It seems that I've got plenty of stories to tell now but my problem this time is how can I find more time to write the story when I got lots of things pending and things to do.  Hay... I'll be praying to have time and joggle this different activities and stories.  For the meantime here's what I can share.

One Saturday, last month, I received an invitation regarding an activity of the Lions Park Residence.  It is part of their activities for the community.  They wanted to have more connection and rapport to the community that's why they have initiated an activity like this.  Aside from this Safari-stic activity the CDC Holdings, the developer of Lions Park Residence, unveiled one of their future building construction.  They offers low-rise condominium that is great for the family.  Take note that the names of their buildings are taken from different animals in the wild like the lion, giraffe, bison, dolphin, and a whole lot more.  Check this out if you want, it's located at Paranaque City in Sun Valley.

Since this coverage rears more for kids, the organizer informed me that I could bring along my kids but of course Gelo is still a baby so Maki came with me.  Though he doesn't like the travel, he somewhat enjoyed the activity on his own phase.  He needs to get tuned up first before engaging on the activity with the other kids.  I wonder if other kids are like this....

Anyway it was a fun blast.  Maki enjoyed the animals though he was scared on some of the animals there.  Hmmm... I think he needs to get acquainted with the zoo once more to get rid of his scared feelings with the animals.

Here are some of the pictures taken during the activity.  Well you can find my son brave enough to point his fingers on the animals.  hahaha!

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