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Friday, August 3

Free Flow Topic

Hay... this is just a free flowing write of what I thought at the very moment that I am writing this blog post.  And take note this is after more than a week of no post on this blog.  Hahaha!

I thought I could do more than what I can expect from myself in joggling time for the family, work, church, blogging and others.  I find it really difficult, especially if you're torn between choosing from the list.  It's like choosing from left or right.   Ha.......... It's really a long exhale!  With this I'm having hard time coping up and updating five (5) blogs and doing some other things (wink).

We need to have more extra in the house.  Kids are growing and I need to provide what they need, though right now the priority for them are their milks, vitamins, and diapers.  Prayerfully I would really want them to be healthy and away of any sickness so milk and vitamins should always be there for them.

So for now, in as much as I wanted to have an update with my regular weekly topics I couldn't right now so better watch out for some unexpected topics from here.  Perhaps I will be making it regular just a few weeks more just to straighten things up.

Hope that you wouldn't get any trouble like I do.  Read more on the following days!
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