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Friday, August 10

Friday Toys: Funny House Puzzle Case

Friday Toys again and hopefully I could share more interesting toys to all the parents out there.  My kids haven't got any new toys for some time because of our situation and I was thankful that blessings came.  Today's toy that we are going to share is a Puzzle Case with 12 different shapes.  My wife and I find this interesting because aside from its house shape it also has a door that can be locked and take note it comes with a key.  So Kids can have the fun of locking and unlocking the house with the use of the key.  Also kids will surely love it because of the colors.

My two kids Maki and Gelo were already having with it.  Oh, just a reminder when letting your little ones play with this toy just be sure to be there and always watch them, they might get curious of putting the shapes into their mouth.

This toy helps the kids develop identifying and matching.  Making it more easier for them to recognize shapes and colors as well.

So what kind of toys do you plan to buy next time?  Hope you could share it?
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