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Monday, August 6

Monday Rush: Non-Stop Rain

Coming back from a few weeks of uninspired mood, at last I'm here now doing my scheduled online activities.  Perhaps this day is really a wet Monday.  As I recall, this rain has been here since last week.  Since yesterday this rain has been raining non-stop and up to this night it really pours more, though there were no storm signals.   

I'm thankful that this Monday I reported at the main office due to some works that need to be done.  The only obstacle that I endured was the heavy rain and getting wet of the rain, especially my socks.  Brr... it's really much colder when you get wet that much and couldn't change clothes in an instance.  Hay.... I don't know when will the rain stops.

On my way home I did my stop-over at the supermarket to get some goodies that my wife instructed me to buy.  It's just a few grocery items that my family will be using for the rest of the week.  I thought by doing the grocery for a while will make the rain slows down but unfortunately it pours even harder that makes it harder for the commuters to ride the public utility vehicle.  I need to fall in line under the heavy rain just to make it home as early as possible.

I'm pretty much sure if the rain continues until tomorrow there will be no classes for the kids again.  Too bad for the kids their studies are affected by this suspensions due to heavy rains.  It's really bad for their education if most of their schools are getting suspended.  I just pray that my son will still study more even when at home.

I wonder if the events in the US are also suspended when there's a rain as heavy as this one? Like some events that have an issued tickets already, examples are the NFL football tickets, NCAA Mens basketball tickets, and NCAA Mens football tickets. Though I know when it comes to football avid fans are unstoppable but of course organizers will still think first the safety of their viewers, guests, and players as well.

Hay... it is really gloomy when its raining.  There's not much things to do.  How about you?  What do you do when it is raining like this?
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