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Wednesday, September 5

Another Love Affair

Well, just wanted to talk about something today and since it's still about family and life I want to discuss here something quite different.   Oh, by the way I got this idea to write because there was an upcoming movie entitled The Mistress.  So I thought it would be a good learning as well for those who are into a situation or near the situation like this.

I think it was obvious that this issue is known to most countries, I think.  Not really sure about the data of how many countries who have cases of adultery, concubinage or the most well accepted and mild term, love affair.

We see them on news and we see them on movies.  So why does a person who are in a relationship seeks out a love affair?

So before I write down a long point of view with regards to this I would like to ask first a participation from the readers by answering this survey below.  Then perhaps next week I would get back to it and have my opinion about it.

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