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Monday, September 10

Daddy Day Care: Exhausted But Happy

The weekend was filled with house chores, kids’ toys, dirty kitchen, running kids, and a tired Daddy. Yup! The Daddy was in the house for two days. No events, no other works but the kids and the house, though the house was still a little bit messy. It’s really hard to tidy things up when the kids are around. Plus I get a quick jab on my online projects and proposals.

The little is already walking now and I’m having a hard time containing him in one place. I’m a bit scared of putting him inside the crib because he already knows how to climb up from it and I don’t want to just let him roam around as well while working on the house chores. So guess what I did with the little one? I don’t have a picture but I know you can picture it out. What I did was I tried to look for the babies shoulder carrier. Yes, I placed our little Gelo in the baby carrier then sling it on my shoulders in front of me like a knapsack. That was Maki's baby carrier when he was still a baby and now I used it on Gelo so that I could do some house chores. I get the dishes done, swept the floor, prepared lunch for the kids, fed them and manage to fix the bed. Whew! The MomDad was truly in the house!

The only problem that I had with the kids was putting them to sleep that night. I’m sure they’ve missed me but hey I was really tired already. I think they went to sleep when they were really tired already. Hay… my back is killing already! Anyway it was fun being with the kids, doing some rocket thing, car vroom, and some dancing.

I wish I had a video cam on all the corners of the house to tape those fun and happy moments with them. I only got some few pictures taken and this was when Gelo was making some weird pose on the wall while watching TV.

So how was your weekend? Is it happy and tiring? Please do share your moments with us.
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