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Monday, September 3

Daddy Day Care: The Kids and The Budget!

Too busy to post all our personal and family activities! Gosh... bad Daddy! They all went into pending mode. So, I'll just have to joggle again and perhaps make another good reasons (hahaha)for not posting something. I'm actually forgetting what I've learn before and that is post an article or blog post at least once a day but perhaps maintaining quite a number of blogs would really eat up much of the time plus I also work at day time so it would be really hard adjust and perfected the scheduling.

Okay, so what did I missed on this blog? Well, one thing is... the Daddy Day Care which I usually post on weekends. I'll just have to defy that schedule and post it today since we did it yesterday. Hahaha! Coping with the postings.

Oh I almost forgot, since it's already the "BER" month I would like greet all the readers an advance Merry Christmas. I'm sure people, most especially Pinoys, are already on the planning stage of what to decorate for the Christmas season. Also, the preparation for the list gifts for their love ones and godchildren.

Kids are really great! They really let you loose off from the stress, especially when your having fun together. Yesterday was quite an unusual grocery because we were on a tight budget and it was a bit embarrassing because our eldest son keeps on asking "Mommy pasok ba to sa budget?" translated as "Mommy is it(pertaining to an item)in the budget?". I know that he wanted to have those food but it was unfortunate that we don't have much to spend for it. Though there were times that he was persistent on certain items we just try to explain it or get something much cheaper.

The dilemma of having few source of income, we couldn't spend more for the kids and get what they want. Kids are growing fast and few more years both of them will go to school already. More and more things to will be needed and more things to be included in our daily budget. We are just thankful to God that He provide all our needs. It may not be instantly but He sure finds way.

Since kids are the ones that are greatly affected when it comes to budget it is just right that we, parents, should teach our kids how things work in the house. This is to give them the sense of responsibility.

So word of kids BUDGET! This makes the people in the grocery put a smile or a grin on their face.
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