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Friday, September 14

Friday Toys: U Command Batpod

Okay what is the newest toy for this ber month.  I'm sure parents and godparents are already trying to list down all their "inaanak" or godchildren and of course their kids and their relatives as well.  So, since the breeze of the Christmas season is already filling the air we might as well make some toy spotting in some of the toy stores in the country. 

For now here's something that I would like to share which I've found in the site of Toy Kingdom.  This is what's hot for this month's toy offerings.  It's the U Command Batpod.  A remote controlled bat vehicle and on it is Batman himself riding the vehicle.  Based on the pricing of Toy Kingdom, which may vary, it costs Php3,499.75. 

I think they just got a limited stock so parents if you want to give your kids one of this head on to Toy Kingdom and ask for it.
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