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Monday, September 3

Monday Rush: Anger!

This is common to all people whenever they are on rush, this is the end product when something went wrong and couldn't possibly get over with the rush.   An intense boils up of emotion and an unexpected heat up or commonly known as anger.   Yes, we experience it specially when time started ticking that we couldn't cope up with the running time we tend to get angry because of the distractions.

Things that might heat up the situation or the emotion are when you're late already and the public vehicle is running like a tortoise or when the driver asks for too much fare or when a taxi doesn't make a flag down the meter.   These are just some of those instances that will or have really blows up the intense of your emotion.

Sometimes these angers pushes its extent not only the rest of the day but almost a week if you don't do anything about.  It's more likely of attracting negative vibes in you and on your surroundings.  Be it in your work area, at home or even wherever you are.  There are some things I can suggest that you can do to ease off that tension.  One is forget the situation, breathe in and breathe out.  It's like releasing the negative vibes into the air and let the trees and plants absorb it.  Two is at least have a good distraction like inspiring yourself with some good views and smiling people.  By doing this you'll eventually do the same.  Lastly ignore it happened, have a power nap and forget about.  

So, how do you cope up or loosen those anger?
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