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Tuesday, September 18

Toothache Problem

It's been a few days now and my face is really distorted because of that unwanted toothache.  Ouch!  Not really looking good now.  It feels like I have a candy in my mouth.  Really not good.  Aside from the ache I feel bad about how I look. Half of my face is really swollen.  It was also triggered more when our little one bumped on the affected area.  It really hurts more!  Ouch!

Up to now it's still not in good condition.  Been off from work for two days already.  Hoping to go to work soon.

Having toothache can really lessen our bonding moments because I couldn't play much with them because of protecting the swollen side of my face.  I wonder how was the other Dads do things like this when they are not feeling well, especially when having a toothache?

For now this is just my update about me and my days of having a swollen face because of toothache.

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