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Thursday, September 27

What Are Your Wedding Giveaways?

It’s been seven years now since we got married and I still can’t believe that we were able to push through with the wedding with a limited budget. I remember during our planning days, it was really a mind torture, thinking of how to squeeze the budget with all the needed requirements for the wedding. It even came to a time that we were quarreling with each other just because of some minor details for the wedding.

On my wife’s side on the bridesmaid it was easy to think of what to give to them as a gift because there are lots of girly things that you can buy but on my side with the groomsmen it’s really hard to think. I was thinking of unique groomsmen gifts but thinking of the budget that we have made me think twice. We really couldn’t afford that much. So in the end all of them ended up with nothing but hugs, kisses, and lots of thanks from us for sharing their time and effort.

I think they were as happy as we are because finally we tied the knots together with presence of the sponsors, guests, and love ones. All of it wouldn’t be possible if not because of their help.

For those who are planning to cross the line of being single to married make sure to have friends that can be bridesmaid and groomsmen that will come to your aide when you need them. That’s what they are there for anyway, to lend their time and effort during the most important day of your life.

Would you share your thoughts about your wedding day? Hope to read them here on the comments!
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