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Tuesday, October 23

Dad and The Golf

I not sure if you have seen the picture of an invitation of one of the famous hotel in Manila during their Fathers' Day treat. The picture shows a Dad playing golf. If you have, then that's great because one of my thought for pondering today is about that, not the picture but the game itself, the golf.

I think if it wasn't for Tiger Woods golf wouldn't be as famous or commonly known as it is now. He made the hype with his endosements and other appearances through TV Commercials and through some TV programs as well.

Unlike basketball, baseball and soccer, golf is not well known for the middle class people. Do you wonder why? Well, for a start having tools or equipments to play golf is very expensive. I did see some golf clobs in the duty free shops before and take note it was already second hand but the price is way, way high for a middle class people like me. Second, is the maintenance or the expenses for every game that you'll be playing, and perhaps the third one is the location or the membership. Of course you need to be a member of a certain golf club to get to play on their fields its not just like a common basketball court that you could just barge in and play. So would you think middle class people would have the luxury of it, well we don't though there are some who creates minigolf clubs or areas that even the middle class men could enjoy.

Personally I'm not into golf because it doesn't require much energy and hyperactivity. It's a game of trajectory, it requires a good aiming skills and of course a strong waist area to stroke that golf clob. Though, I think of all of the games that I know golf is the most forgiving irons. Figuratively, it requires heavy concentration on hitting the golf ball with the swing of the iron clob. Also you get to have plenty of chance to get that ball placed in a whole.

So, who among the blogger Dads are playing golf? Would you like to share your thoughts about it? Hope to hear from anyone!
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