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Sunday, October 14

Daddy Day Care: The Alley Pose

It's Saturday once again and one of our family's expected day of the week. It is rest time for us if we don't have anything to do and if we don't have any events to attend to. It is the day that we just try to lay around, play around, gigle and most of all have fun. Yes we did have fun and enjoyed the rest of the day.

Since the alley on our place is quite big, most of the kids in our area loves to play in front of our house. Sometimes it's fun because my kids can play with them but sometimes it's annoying because most of them pay around during rest time or when the kids are sleeping.  Disturbing, yes, but I've been there and playing what keeps the kids active.

So while being on the alley watching other kids play my son, Gelo, made some bossy look pose which I was able to capture  and I call it the Alley Pose.  Since it is taken in an alley.  He was staring the other kids playing in the area.

How about your kids?  Do they have any unusual pose or pic that you could share?  Hope to see it as well.
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