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Sunday, October 21

Daddy Day Care: Kids and Hospital

Gelo's hand with dextrose.
My Sunday and Saturday this past week is really a Daddy Day Care I have been checking on the kids at night time because both of them got sick. My wife and I were like call centers on duty. Changing shift almost every two hours just to watch over the kids and make sure that they are well taken care of. Unfortunately Gelo's fever had been on and off for the past three days. His pediatrician advised us that if there's still fever have his blood check, so we did. My wife and my mother-in-law went to the hospital to have it checked and when the result were out and was read by his pediatrician, my wife were advised to have Gelo be confined to the hospital for close monitoring because his platelet count is dropping.

As for me I was left with Maki who happens to be sick as well. Maki is only in close monitoring but his really active and don't shows any sign of sickness. So we stayed in the house.

Since I'm the man of the house for that time. From morning till afternoon we were cleaning the house and fixing things. The are lots of organizing of mess, keeping of things, and fixing were done not until my wife message me through SMS that Gelo needs to be confined to the hospital. She then called and told me the situation. Since I'm in mess and dirty, I cleaned a bit first then rushed to the hospital to bring some money for the down payment. Gelo is back into this hospital again.

After some few testing and injection which I dislike, soon he was brought to the room. We only choose the pedia ward to minimize expenses and also there were no available semi private room that day.

About the needle thing and the injection I really hate it when nurses treats babies as if they were already an adult. I just wanted to say that nurses should be very careful when injecting or when putting the needle for the dextrose. They are really fragile and could easily get hurt.

Okay so much with that. So I became the runner, bought food and things needed, went home to get some clothes and other things, and also the delivery boy for my wife's food. That was really a busy day for Daddy Yashiro. A total Daddy Day Care!

Please do pray for my son's fast recovery and for their health as well. Thank and God bless you all!
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