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Thursday, October 4

Daddy Yashiro Going Mobile

Hi readers this is Daddy Yashiro getting into the bandwagon of going mobile. When I say mobile ir means totally out of the keyboard of a desktop computer or laptop. So, right now I' m using my android phone to do blogging. I'm testing this application if it is worth it for a Dad like who's always out of the house.

With this and perhaps I could update more of my blogs, especially this Daddy Yashiro's Journal.

As of this third paragraph I'm already having hard time typing words. I t may take sometime to write down an entire 250 to 300 words blogpost. Though, it could save more time rather wait till I get home. Perhaps if I'll be practicing this more often Daddy Yashiro's Journal will definitely be updated regularly. The only problem would be the internet connection.

So how about the moms and dads out there how do you update your blogs when your mobile? Please do share your insights and thoughts about this.
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