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Monday, October 22

Dads On Camping Memory

While I was cleaning the house I was able to find my old dome tent, which I acquired after college days. I tried to clean it again and set it once again. My son was delighted and anxious to play inside the tent. Suddenly Memories of my college days flash into my mind and I remember I don't have gears like this before. I was just borrowing one from my friends or sometimes I share with those who have big tents.

It was fun during that time. We get to learn few things from our organization adviser during that time. It was like a tactical camping those days. Though we don’t have much of tactical gears we were able to have a camp, I think it was a nice two tent camp site. Hahaha! We’ve stayed there for almost a week, I think.

A good view from the top of the mountain exhales all worries and problems. We were really adventurous that time. Without any rope gears but only rope we were able to climb a not so high rocky portion on top of the mountain giving us a better view of the surroundings. It was really an awesome experience. Though we don’t have tactical gears like those reviews on some Tactical Blog we still managed to do that activity. Safe and sound but of course with some cuts and few bruises.

Anyway I just hope I could do camping again and prayerfully this time with my kids. I would really love to share with them what I have learned from that experience. So for now will just have a camping of our own in our backyard.

How about you what was your most memorable camping experience?
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