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Sunday, October 7

Friday Toys: Holloween Toys

Few more weeks from now kids who have been used to celebrating costume parties will roam different malls and events. These kids will for sure ask their moms and dads to buy them halloween costumes for the upcoming Halloween Celebration. Others kids like something simple but others like to impress and scare younger kids or the girls. Some go beyond from impressive to gory which make it unlikable at all. Its dark and scary.

I know it may sound corny or killjoy to others but to some who doesn't celebrate it for a reason for it being a pagans activity but perhaps to others it's just some fun that should be celebrated with some cute costumes. Kids should have this as fun but not as something they should always look forward to. Let them try it for some time and let them have fun.

To get into some events better check some activities in your local malls or some kids group.

How about you and your kids, what's your activity this Halloween? Hope you could share!
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