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Friday, October 26

Max's Junior Master Chef Theme Party Experience

Children's Party preparations are tedious, especially if you're the one who's making it and if you want it to be memorable for your little ones.   Of course we, parents, wanted most of the firsts of our kids to be remembered by them and we wanted it to be special.  We wanted to almost give everything to them but of course our time is limited and having all the preparations personalized makes it really hard and time consuming.   So, most of the time we end up in the mercy of the monotonous party theme packages of restaurants available near in our area, that's for convenience for sure.  Sometimes the quality of the program and presentations are being compromised and worst it ends up with a bad or negative memory for the kids and for the parents as well.

With companies like the Max's, created something unique and inspiring for the little ones.  They wanted to let the parents get out of the boxed idea of themed party packages.  Something that is worth having for the kids.  They will learn and at the same time have some fun together with the other kids.

Max's introduced their latest Theme Party Package which is the Junior Master Chef Party Theme in which kids will have an interactive learning like baking, food designing, etc that kids will sure enjoy.

Max's Junior Master Chef Party Theme was their newest offering for their customers who will be celebrating their special occasions with Max's. With my son and my nephew present in the event, we really experienced and enjoyed their theme party, the experience to bake, the ability to make a shake, plus kids got to wore an apron a la chef look with the paraphernalia. In totality the kids enjoyed it because this is not the usual party theme that they used attend with.


The baking session.

Though I'm not there with our son my wife is their to have it experience for themselves.  The fun and enjoyment that they would get with this party theme.

Maki Showing the Cupcake that he made.

The Cupcake and the process.

I'm sure my son did enjoyed and he even had the apron kept in our house as his remembrance for this specific event.  Perhaps my only problem would be the ingredients and time to do this more often but of course we'll sure find time for this one.

So does anyone tried this Party Theme from Max's?  Hope you could share your thoughts, insights, and of course experience with it?  I'll be waiting......
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