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Monday, October 8

Monday Rush: Planning

Another first day of the week and it's one of those days that always gives me a rush in my nerves. A tingling and yet irritating gusto or feeling that you wanted to be there instantly, especially if the jeepney is travelling like Pong Pagong, slow.

The best thing today is that I come be home and hopefully play more with the kids. Just not sure what time will the planning be finish. For now, I'm having our break, an afternoon snack while working.

So planning, why, what and how? Well, just like in the house we all need to plan. We need to make sure that everything is set at the right track.

Why do we need to plan? Simple, to make our life easy. What do we need? Of course the resource. How? Well everything got to start from something and perhaps learning first is the major league in doing this!

So, how about you what are your insights? Perhaps you could share it here.
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