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Thursday, November 22

Biking Tips From A Non-Riding Dad

Have you observed recently? There are quite a number of motorcycles already running around not only in the provinces but also in the metro. As I observed before motorcycles are commonly used in provinces as their means of trasportation but lately it seems that the number of motorcycle users in the metro have already increased for some reasons.

This is my own opinion why people stared using motorcycles or motorbike, one, it's much cheaper than having a car or a stainless jeep. Two, perhaps it was due to heavy traffic in the metro and using a motorbike or motorcycle is much easier to navigate around. And lastly, motorcycle companies have started to sell their units in a staggered system or own it and pay it by terms.

It is good to have a motorcycle as means of transportation but of course there are lots of accident news lately that involves motorcycle so we should better be careful and deligent enough with our safety when driving a motorcycle. Though I don't really drive, yet, I just want to share want I have been seen with other people using motorbikes.

So here are some tips that I can share.

  • Always wear your protection gears like helmet, elbow pad, and knee pad. In some cases they only have helmet make sure that the helmet being used is durable enough or not a substandard.
  • Always observe traffic rules. This will definitely save your life.
  • For Dads, don't have your kids ride with you. In any case that you don't have a choice make sure that you have an extra helmet for them and make sure to place them in a most secure area.
  • Always ride free and careful, you're not the king of the road.
  • Have an open eyes and ears.
  • Always check the breaks and the whole system of the motorbike. Checking the parts and changing them when worn out helps prevent accidents. Of course if you own a Yamaha you'd better have a yamaha rhino parts or spare parts just in case you need to replace it.

These are just some of the things that I could share even though I'm not driving a motorcycle, yet. We need to be safe on the street since motorbikes are the most vulnerable vehicle. Be aware, be knowledgeable and be safe!
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