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Friday, November 16

Daddy Yashiro's Entries for Pony Show Off 2

image from PONY
Hi guy!  Daddy Yashiro will be asking and needing all the need that he can get from online friends, readers, acquaintances, and more.  Just a brief a story about this post for today.  I have been busy a bit this past few months torturing my mind on what shall I create as my entry for this competition, since this is the second year that they have it I think they'll make it annually.  It's poster art competition with a theme of "Let's Get It On".  So basically the thoughts will revolve around that theme and participants can use different kind of medium.  This is my second year and for his year I have created three entries in which I squeezed my brain really hard for these entries.  Hopefully I could nail the top prize for this year.

image from PONY

So with my humble plead I am asking for your support as you have supported this blog.   A simple like and share will do.  I'm not sure if I'm allowed to have the images of my entry here but just to make it safe I'll just have the links here and then click it, like it and share it.

1st entry 

2nd entry 

3rd entry 

I'm praying very hard to win this one, so perhaps you could also help me pray also.  Thanks...

image from PONY with a crossed fingers.

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