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Friday, November 16

Friday Toys: Improvised Car

Friday toys again people and I'm sure most of you are wondering about the price of the wiggling animal toys that I have posted.  I think there were two who tried to guess the amount and one of them got a little bit closer but it still not the exact amount.  If you're following most of the toys that I features here they are not that pricey.  Most of them are budget wise, since we're not that rich.

So, what was the cost of those four cute and furry animal wiggling toys?  Well I'm pretty much sure that you'll react differently.  Each animal furry toy cost about less than a dollar and if converted to peso it's only Php30.00.  So all in all those four toys only cost about Php120.00.  Cheap, cuddly and cute!

For now I don't have any cool toys to feature but what I'm going to feature is something that my youngest son, Gelo and his cousin, Usher enjoyed doing lately.  Their imagination did run wild on this one and I could say that it was like a race in NASCAR or the Grand Prix.  Hahaha!

It's an improvised imaginary car imagined by these two boys, Gelo and Usher.  It was at first taught of just getting inside the box but later on since both of them could walk around they imagined it as a car and much more they made the entire living room of their grandparent into a race track.  Circling around and sometimes doing there pit stop which is just like the race in NASCAR or Grand Prix.  Maybe that got the idea out of the movie Car.

I don't how many laps they did but they sure circled more than ten times.  Usher got tired but Gelo was still up for some few more laps.  Not sure if it was their practice run or the race itself.  Hahaha!

How about your kids, how wild does their imagination runs?   Just don't let them do hit and runs!
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