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Friday, November 2

Friday Toys: Lego Ferrari

Nice!  Shell has something new to offer this year but it's not the usual Ferrari Model Toy Car.  I'm sure those  Dads out there who are collecting Ferrari Toy Cars will sure love to have an entire set of this offering from Shell.  Me, I sure would love to have not just one set but three set perhaps, one for me, for Maki and for Gelo.   Hahaha!  My only problem would be how to get it because according to our company's drivers this only caters to those who gas up with V Power Nitro+ and they are gassing up a different a kind.  This is really a problem.

I would really to collect this year's edition because in the previous years I only got two or three from the set.  Ever since I started having Ferrari Toy Model Cars I think I'm urge to collect more of it but of course this will entail resources and patience as well.  I think this promo will only run until November 31 so it would be really hard to get more than a set of these.   Anyway, I'll just hope, pray and see!

I'll also pray that there someone out there that would be gracious enough to sponsor us to have more a set of these cars.  Thanks!

How about you, will you collect the entire set?  Hope you could share it here.
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