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Friday, November 23

Friday Toys: Star Wars Lego

I've been a fan of this toy since I was a kid.  My aunts used to send some of these toys but of course we only get the smaller ones, the big ones or the scene types are really costly for her to avail so we are just contented with the small and cheaper ones.  Still, I'm thankful with my aunts for sending those toys because it opened a really great imagination for me.  I was able to create things out of those materials and beyond the images that it suggests to build.  It was an awesome playing time.

Now, I'm not sure where did those small Legos have been.  I wanted to share it with my kids and hopefully have one for them but for now perhaps not this time because my youngest is still below the required age to play that kind of toy.

Last Wednesday I was strolling around the Bonifacio High Street area after work and I was able to see this set up of Lego display.  There were three displays but what interest me to look more is the set up of the Star Wars display. I'm a great fan of Star Wars and seeing this set up really brings back memories of playing with Lego.  Hahaha!

If I'm going to have a set of Lego toys for my kids I would really choose those Star Wars figures.  The feeling of building your own battle ships, the mecha figures, the rest of the characters of Star Wars.  It would really look great if we're going to set up a whole room with the whole action scene from Star Wars.  The space battle and the on ground raids.   Hay... How I pray that we could do that.

How about you?  What's your dream set up of Lego toys?
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