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Saturday, November 10

Friday Toys: Furry Animals That Wiggles

Friday time again and its time for Daddy Yashiro's Friday Toys.    Well, we've been a very good fan of animal plush toys and we have been featuring these kind of toys here in our Friday Toys, I think most of the toys that featured here are plush toys.  It's not that they're cuddly and cute but it has its purpose because of my kids.  I think the number one reason is their safety.   Yes, we wanted for the kids to play safe and having toys that is not harmful let them enjoy their playing time.  Perhaps another reason is that most plush toys are affordable.  Just like what my eldest son, Maki, would say "Daddy, Mommy pasok sa budget!" which means "just right in the budget."

Okay, now we head on with the toys which I got I think a week ago.   These were furry animal toys which are small and just right for Gelo's grip.  Hahaha!  Just right for his grip to hold and smash or throw!  Quite small isn't it but what's interesting about this animal toys is that they cute and they wiggle, yes they wiggle!  There are no switch but when you pull their tails they starts to wiggle.  It's more of mechanical.  Their tail gets long and shortens while wiggling.

Child-friendly?  Yes it is very much child-friendly because the inner part of the toys with the mechanical apparatus used to wiggle are covered with cushions.    They are really cute and kids can learn what specific animal looks like.  Just remind them that the real animals don't wiggle like that, hahaha.

I'm sure you would ask how much it is so perhaps we will have a mini contest.    Well, try to guess the price of the four Furry Animal Toys and we will have a raffle for those who got the right answer.   The prize is that we will feature the blog here in Daddy Yashiro's Journal.   So, start guessing now and get a free advertisement of your blog.   End of this mini contest is on November 15 and we will announce the winner on Friday or Saturday.

Hope everyone will participate!
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