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Monday, November 12

Tips and Tricks: Catching Mosquitos

Container and Baby Oil
We all know that the dreaded Dengue Virus is already spreading throughout the different communities and it is getting worst whenever the rainy season comes.   So we really need to take extra precautions and maintenance as well just keep the the Dengue Virus away from our community.

There are lots of things that you can do to keep the households Dengue free.  Hope that this simple tips and tricks can help.  Though we can not totally eradicate mosquito at least to make it lessen to avoid Dengue Virus carrier mosquitos in spreading it.

  • Mosquitos loves to go to watery areas and that's where they lay their eggs, so to keep them off from laying their eggs make sure to keep areas in the house dry, especially the kitchen, sink, laundry area and  the comfort rooms.
  • If in any case there had been waters sprinkle it first with salt to kill the larvae of mosquitos.  Then dry it off.
  • Try to have some oregano plants in the house once in a while to keep them off the house.
  • This is one is my favorite if there are plenty of mosquitos in the house try to catch them by simply using an old plastic lasagna containing or any old plate that you're not using anymore and dump a right amount of oil on it.  Swing it in the area where the mosquitos are lurking.  You'll see that they stick on to the plate.    Note, use baby oil at least for a nice scent.
catch mosquitos
These are just some of the tips and tricks that I could share so I do hope that these can help you with your mosquito problems.

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