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Tuesday, November 27

Monday Rush: Completing Materials

I know it's quite late to post my Monday Rush but I just want to share something that I have been getting busy this past few days.  Early Monday morning err late Sunday evening I have already packed the materials that I'll be needing, old magazines, old brochures, old pictures, and some paper/board materials.  It was quite heavy but I still manage to bring it along Monday morning.

Evening, after I got home from the office I tried to cut and paste some of the needed figures and drawings on the board paper.  It's quite lame for now and it still needs more images to come out with my desired portrait of the project.

So cut, cut, cut, and then paste, little that I know I have already past my scheduled time to sleep but I was still eager to complete the project.  Few more minutes and my eyes were already having it's own brain and starting to move the eyelid down and down and down.   Boom and I'm out of commission, the next thing I know it was already morning.  I was really tired and sleepy that night.  To my desire of finishing the project I have taken for granted again my sleeping time.   Too bad I wasn't able to finish it but will have it this week.  Hoping that the long weekend would help me complete it.

If you're wondering what's that project well better wait and I'll share it here very, very, very soon.
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