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Tuesday, August 28

BC Bloggers' Meme: Blogs That You Regularly Read

My very first post for this week and thanks to Paula and to all who voted for this topic. It was an honor to host this weeks BC Bloggers' Meme again. Glad that few of my submitted were found interesting to be shared to others. So without any further blabbering about things I'll start with this meme and perhaps encourage other readers or bloggers to join as well with BC Bloggers Network, if you would just visit their site and participate at BC Bloggers.

Of course there was a saying that "No Man Is An Island." As much as we don't want to, time will come that we will have to learn from others and of course we share as well. For bloggers the best way to learn from others is by visiting their blogs and reading their works. Trust me you'll get know to things that you don't know.

So what are the blogs that I usually visit? Well, since I started blogging way back 2008 there are some blogs that are always on top of my lists to lurk around or just simply have a glimpse with what interesting things to know about.

This is not on rank but randomly thought and placed here. Actually first thing that into my mind.

A Blogger and A Father
I'm pretty much sure that you already know why I regularly visit this one.  There are lots of daddy bloggers who are already not just telling their stories but participating as well when it comes to their kids and this blog is one of them.

Maitri's Heart
Well as I've said there are some blogs that I have read long before and this one is one of them. Her blog is a personal blog that you can learn things in life.

The Ad Master
Okay long before when a blog advertising company was still up, I sometimes drop by to this blog I think 4 to 5 times a days because his ad banners are all over. This is where I get some ideas about blogging as well. If you see this blog, well, don't get confused because the owner is a she.

Just Another Pixel - news-worthy & personal
Just Another Pixel
Found this blog in one of the blog advertising that I've been telling and ever since then I've always read her story on her blog and guess what we've met and became friends. Though I don't regularly leave comments I make sure to have a glimpse of her blog.  Aside from this blog she also got a number of blogs that she maintains.

Azrael's Merryland
Talk about pioneers! This guy is one of the pioneers in blogging. If you want to learn things about blogging and of course earn from it just read his blog .  You'll sometimes meet him on different events and he also does some bloggers activity for other bloggers to learn as well.

Also I regularly visit this blog because I do have a tech blog also and I sometimes get my ideas and thoughts on his blog. If you've watched one of the episodes in Mhel and Joey about blogging, he is there and there's one lesson I've learned from him, "write at least one article a day."

These are just some of the blogs that I regularly read, lurk around, and visit! I have learned a lot from their stories, experiences, insights and realizations. So how about you? What are the blogs that you regularly visit? Hope you could share it as well.


Thursday, August 16

Book Review: Lexi Fairheart and The Forbidden Door

Little kids love stories.  Perhaps that's where they get most of their dreams and imaginations.  The more stories that they are being read or told with, the most wild will their imagination be.

For this part of this blog I will be featuring and reviewing some of the reading materials for kids that I could find.  Of course, I will be sharing here as well all my insights about a certain book.  Also, I will recommend it as well to parents and parents to be.

Our book for review is entitled Lexi Fairheart and The Forbidden Door which was authored by Lisl Fair who has a Masters Degree in Speech-Language Therapy and Audiology and also involved in Brain-based Learning and Development and illustrated by Nina de Polonia.

To start with here's a little information about the story in my own understanding and words perhaps.

The story is about Lexi Fairheart, a little kid who always brings a back pack with her and who's always curious whenever she finds a closed door.  Her story happened when she visits her grandfather who studies insects.

Short isn't it!

Okay, the is fairly written to match up with the word capability of kids in general.  I have tried story telling it to my kids and they've enjoyed listening to it.   It is a short story that will be loved by kids not only because of its graphic contents but because of its very descriptive intonation that will make readers really imagine what's being done.  It can easily be grasped by kids who already knows how to read but of course some kids would still want their Dads or Moms to tell these stories for them.

The story teaches kids not to get to curios on things that could possibly hurt them.  Perhaps the author wanted to share to kids that there are times to get curios and there are times as well to obey instructions.

So for this specific book for kids here's my rating.

Story - 2 Thumbs Up!
Character - 2 Thumbs Up!
Lesson - 2 Thumbs Up!

For parents and parents to be I highly recommend this ebook for your kids.  Get the kindle edition of this story here.

Saturday, August 11

Daddy Day Care: Safari-stic Adventure At Lions Park Residence's

It seems that I've got plenty of stories to tell now but my problem this time is how can I find more time to write the story when I got lots of things pending and things to do.  Hay... I'll be praying to have time and joggle this different activities and stories.  For the meantime here's what I can share.

One Saturday, last month, I received an invitation regarding an activity of the Lions Park Residence.  It is part of their activities for the community.  They wanted to have more connection and rapport to the community that's why they have initiated an activity like this.  Aside from this Safari-stic activity the CDC Holdings, the developer of Lions Park Residence, unveiled one of their future building construction.  They offers low-rise condominium that is great for the family.  Take note that the names of their buildings are taken from different animals in the wild like the lion, giraffe, bison, dolphin, and a whole lot more.  Check this out if you want, it's located at Paranaque City in Sun Valley.

Since this coverage rears more for kids, the organizer informed me that I could bring along my kids but of course Gelo is still a baby so Maki came with me.  Though he doesn't like the travel, he somewhat enjoyed the activity on his own phase.  He needs to get tuned up first before engaging on the activity with the other kids.  I wonder if other kids are like this....

Anyway it was a fun blast.  Maki enjoyed the animals though he was scared on some of the animals there.  Hmmm... I think he needs to get acquainted with the zoo once more to get rid of his scared feelings with the animals.

Here are some of the pictures taken during the activity.  Well you can find my son brave enough to point his fingers on the animals.  hahaha!

Friday, August 10

Friday Toys: Funny House Puzzle Case

Friday Toys again and hopefully I could share more interesting toys to all the parents out there.  My kids haven't got any new toys for some time because of our situation and I was thankful that blessings came.  Today's toy that we are going to share is a Puzzle Case with 12 different shapes.  My wife and I find this interesting because aside from its house shape it also has a door that can be locked and take note it comes with a key.  So Kids can have the fun of locking and unlocking the house with the use of the key.  Also kids will surely love it because of the colors.

My two kids Maki and Gelo were already having with it.  Oh, just a reminder when letting your little ones play with this toy just be sure to be there and always watch them, they might get curious of putting the shapes into their mouth.

This toy helps the kids develop identifying and matching.  Making it more easier for them to recognize shapes and colors as well.

So what kind of toys do you plan to buy next time?  Hope you could share it?

Thursday, August 9

BC Bloggers Meme: 5 Countries I Want To Visit Before I Retire

I know this past few days have been a truly bad weather for most of us in Metro Manila and in some parts of Luzon.  So before I start I just want to make a simple prayer for those who have been affected by this Habagat.

Lord God help us get through this calamity and shed hope to those who are in need.  We pray for those who have been affected by this Habagat.  For the others, give them strength and will to move on what ever the outcome.   Bless us all and keep us in your loving and protecting hands.  In the mighty name of Jesus.  Amen.

Okay and so, though I have been away for a few days from the BC Bloggers Meme I want to cope up with it and enjoy the rest of the memes.  For those who wanted to know how fun it is to join this meme just visit BC Bloggers and join the fun.

For this week's meme Jimmy: Life Is An Adventure is our host, the title for this week is "5 Countries I want To Visit Before I Retire."  Hhmmm... this will be something hard to decide with on which country will I plan or hope to visit before I retire.  To be true I have never gone abroad though I have read a lot of books about different countries.  So hopefully I could amuse the readers about the countries that I want to visit.

So, what are the countries that I want to visit?  Here they are....

First perhaps is the closest country in Asia which is JAPAN.  Ever since high school I was fascinated with their culture.  The stories of the samurais and the ninjas, their technologies, and also their culture.  I would really love to tour this country.  I even tried to learn to speak Japanese.  Hopefully I could construct  longer phrases very soon.

Second would ISRAEL, just like Jimmy I wanted to visit the country where the Lord's chosen people resides.  The history of our faith.  It will definitely a blessed trip once it happened.

Third would be EGYPT, I want to visit the pyramids and the temples of the pharaohs and see for myself.  It would be an accomplishment for me if I would ever be there.

Fourth I would love to visit is GREECE.  I wanted to see their historical places.  I would love to learn more of the arts and cultures of these people.  If I could do stay there and do a research I would really love to.

Lastly, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  I'm sure most people would really want to go this country not only to visit but to stay for good, for them but not for me.  I still love the PHILIPPINES. Perhaps, I would only visit USA for the luxury of travel and leisure and perhaps get a chance to visit the Library of Congress where there are thousands of books in it.

So there you go.  That's my 5 countries that I want to visit before I retire.  Prayerfully, I want to accomplish it.  I know there are no impossible things for the Lord.   How about you?  What are countries that you're planning to visit before you retire?  Hope you could share it too!

Monday, August 6

Monday Rush: Non-Stop Rain

Coming back from a few weeks of uninspired mood, at last I'm here now doing my scheduled online activities.  Perhaps this day is really a wet Monday.  As I recall, this rain has been here since last week.  Since yesterday this rain has been raining non-stop and up to this night it really pours more, though there were no storm signals.   

I'm thankful that this Monday I reported at the main office due to some works that need to be done.  The only obstacle that I endured was the heavy rain and getting wet of the rain, especially my socks.  Brr... it's really much colder when you get wet that much and couldn't change clothes in an instance.  Hay.... I don't know when will the rain stops.

On my way home I did my stop-over at the supermarket to get some goodies that my wife instructed me to buy.  It's just a few grocery items that my family will be using for the rest of the week.  I thought by doing the grocery for a while will make the rain slows down but unfortunately it pours even harder that makes it harder for the commuters to ride the public utility vehicle.  I need to fall in line under the heavy rain just to make it home as early as possible.

I'm pretty much sure if the rain continues until tomorrow there will be no classes for the kids again.  Too bad for the kids their studies are affected by this suspensions due to heavy rains.  It's really bad for their education if most of their schools are getting suspended.  I just pray that my son will still study more even when at home.

I wonder if the events in the US are also suspended when there's a rain as heavy as this one? Like some events that have an issued tickets already, examples are the NFL football tickets, NCAA Mens basketball tickets, and NCAA Mens football tickets. Though I know when it comes to football avid fans are unstoppable but of course organizers will still think first the safety of their viewers, guests, and players as well.

Hay... it is really gloomy when its raining.  There's not much things to do.  How about you?  What do you do when it is raining like this?

Friday, August 3

Free Flow Topic

Hay... this is just a free flowing write of what I thought at the very moment that I am writing this blog post.  And take note this is after more than a week of no post on this blog.  Hahaha!

I thought I could do more than what I can expect from myself in joggling time for the family, work, church, blogging and others.  I find it really difficult, especially if you're torn between choosing from the list.  It's like choosing from left or right.   Ha.......... It's really a long exhale!  With this I'm having hard time coping up and updating five (5) blogs and doing some other things (wink).

We need to have more extra in the house.  Kids are growing and I need to provide what they need, though right now the priority for them are their milks, vitamins, and diapers.  Prayerfully I would really want them to be healthy and away of any sickness so milk and vitamins should always be there for them.

So for now, in as much as I wanted to have an update with my regular weekly topics I couldn't right now so better watch out for some unexpected topics from here.  Perhaps I will be making it regular just a few weeks more just to straighten things up.

Hope that you wouldn't get any trouble like I do.  Read more on the following days!
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