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Thursday, September 27

What Are Your Wedding Giveaways?

It’s been seven years now since we got married and I still can’t believe that we were able to push through with the wedding with a limited budget. I remember during our planning days, it was really a mind torture, thinking of how to squeeze the budget with all the needed requirements for the wedding. It even came to a time that we were quarreling with each other just because of some minor details for the wedding.

Wednesday, September 26

Meet Claudio Bravo's Manila Paintings in Met Museum

It’s been a long time now since I last visited a museum. Not that I don’t like museum but because of too many activity and busy schedule that I don’t find time to visit a museum. I’ve been busy doing things that I forgot to take some time and try to have things one at a time. I forgot to appreciate things intimately and perhaps this is what my recent visit to a museum has thought me. I forgot to appreciate and take time to see the wonderful things in this world.

The amount of time spent in a masterpiece is tremendously long but that span of time is nothing compared to the feeling of contentment when the desired outcome of the masterpiece has been laid completely, beautifully and wonderfully. It’s like an explosion of emotions converged in the artwork and perhaps that was what Claudio Bravo had felt during this six months stay here in Manila. He has indeed taken his time to appreciate the beauty of the Filipino people. It is evident on his portraits of some illustrious personalities like Pacita Moreno Lopez, Conchita Lopez, Maria Lourdes Araneta Fores, President Ferdinand Marcos, Imelda Romualdez Marcos, Dr. Constantino Manahan, and many more.

Tuesday, September 18

Toothache Problem

It's been a few days now and my face is really distorted because of that unwanted toothache.  Ouch!  Not really looking good now.  It feels like I have a candy in my mouth.  Really not good.  Aside from the ache I feel bad about how I look. Half of my face is really swollen.  It was also triggered more when our little one bumped on the affected area.  It really hurts more!  Ouch!

Up to now it's still not in good condition.  Been off from work for two days already.  Hoping to go to work soon.

Having toothache can really lessen our bonding moments because I couldn't play much with them because of protecting the swollen side of my face.  I wonder how was the other Dads do things like this when they are not feeling well, especially when having a toothache?

For now this is just my update about me and my days of having a swollen face because of toothache.

Friday, September 14

Friday Toys: U Command Batpod

Okay what is the newest toy for this ber month.  I'm sure parents and godparents are already trying to list down all their "inaanak" or godchildren and of course their kids and their relatives as well.  So, since the breeze of the Christmas season is already filling the air we might as well make some toy spotting in some of the toy stores in the country. 

For now here's something that I would like to share which I've found in the site of Toy Kingdom.  This is what's hot for this month's toy offerings.  It's the U Command Batpod.  A remote controlled bat vehicle and on it is Batman himself riding the vehicle.  Based on the pricing of Toy Kingdom, which may vary, it costs Php3,499.75. 

I think they just got a limited stock so parents if you want to give your kids one of this head on to Toy Kingdom and ask for it.

A Birthday Treat?

Guess what came in to my email box early this month?   Well it's a birthday greetings from one of the pizza store in the country.  I was very thrilled when I see the title of the email because its something that I could boast of, specially this month, my birth month.  I joined their promo and here's the result of their promo.  

Here's the screen capture of the email....

Then when I opened it, it was indeed a birthday greetings and I was kind of hoping for a special treat since its my birth month.  So I continued reading the message.  Here's the first part of the graphic message.

Isn't it great receiving a birthday message from one of the known pizza store and take note it's not just a small time pizza store but it is really known internationally.  So imagine how I felt when I first saw this.  How about you?  What would you feel?

Then as I continue reading the graphic message.  I was a bit disappointed though I really want to take that treat.  The reason I'm disappointed was the lower part of the message because I need to spend Php700 in order to get the free 10" Pizza as their birthday treat for me.

Here's the graphic message.

So, what do you think about this?  Should I take the treat or just ignore it?

Monday, September 10

Daddy Day Care: Exhausted But Happy

The weekend was filled with house chores, kids’ toys, dirty kitchen, running kids, and a tired Daddy. Yup! The Daddy was in the house for two days. No events, no other works but the kids and the house, though the house was still a little bit messy. It’s really hard to tidy things up when the kids are around. Plus I get a quick jab on my online projects and proposals.

The little is already walking now and I’m having a hard time containing him in one place. I’m a bit scared of putting him inside the crib because he already knows how to climb up from it and I don’t want to just let him roam around as well while working on the house chores. So guess what I did with the little one? I don’t have a picture but I know you can picture it out. What I did was I tried to look for the babies shoulder carrier. Yes, I placed our little Gelo in the baby carrier then sling it on my shoulders in front of me like a knapsack. That was Maki's baby carrier when he was still a baby and now I used it on Gelo so that I could do some house chores. I get the dishes done, swept the floor, prepared lunch for the kids, fed them and manage to fix the bed. Whew! The MomDad was truly in the house!

The only problem that I had with the kids was putting them to sleep that night. I’m sure they’ve missed me but hey I was really tired already. I think they went to sleep when they were really tired already. Hay… my back is killing already! Anyway it was fun being with the kids, doing some rocket thing, car vroom, and some dancing.

I wish I had a video cam on all the corners of the house to tape those fun and happy moments with them. I only got some few pictures taken and this was when Gelo was making some weird pose on the wall while watching TV.

So how was your weekend? Is it happy and tiring? Please do share your moments with us.

Wednesday, September 5

Another Love Affair

Well, just wanted to talk about something today and since it's still about family and life I want to discuss here something quite different.   Oh, by the way I got this idea to write because there was an upcoming movie entitled The Mistress.  So I thought it would be a good learning as well for those who are into a situation or near the situation like this.

I think it was obvious that this issue is known to most countries, I think.  Not really sure about the data of how many countries who have cases of adultery, concubinage or the most well accepted and mild term, love affair.

We see them on news and we see them on movies.  So why does a person who are in a relationship seeks out a love affair?

So before I write down a long point of view with regards to this I would like to ask first a participation from the readers by answering this survey below.  Then perhaps next week I would get back to it and have my opinion about it.

Monday, September 3

Monday Rush: Anger!

This is common to all people whenever they are on rush, this is the end product when something went wrong and couldn't possibly get over with the rush.   An intense boils up of emotion and an unexpected heat up or commonly known as anger.   Yes, we experience it specially when time started ticking that we couldn't cope up with the running time we tend to get angry because of the distractions.

Things that might heat up the situation or the emotion are when you're late already and the public vehicle is running like a tortoise or when the driver asks for too much fare or when a taxi doesn't make a flag down the meter.   These are just some of those instances that will or have really blows up the intense of your emotion.

Sometimes these angers pushes its extent not only the rest of the day but almost a week if you don't do anything about.  It's more likely of attracting negative vibes in you and on your surroundings.  Be it in your work area, at home or even wherever you are.  There are some things I can suggest that you can do to ease off that tension.  One is forget the situation, breathe in and breathe out.  It's like releasing the negative vibes into the air and let the trees and plants absorb it.  Two is at least have a good distraction like inspiring yourself with some good views and smiling people.  By doing this you'll eventually do the same.  Lastly ignore it happened, have a power nap and forget about.  

So, how do you cope up or loosen those anger?

Daddy Day Care: The Kids and The Budget!

Too busy to post all our personal and family activities! Gosh... bad Daddy! They all went into pending mode. So, I'll just have to joggle again and perhaps make another good reasons (hahaha)for not posting something. I'm actually forgetting what I've learn before and that is post an article or blog post at least once a day but perhaps maintaining quite a number of blogs would really eat up much of the time plus I also work at day time so it would be really hard adjust and perfected the scheduling.

Okay, so what did I missed on this blog? Well, one thing is... the Daddy Day Care which I usually post on weekends. I'll just have to defy that schedule and post it today since we did it yesterday. Hahaha! Coping with the postings.

Oh I almost forgot, since it's already the "BER" month I would like greet all the readers an advance Merry Christmas. I'm sure people, most especially Pinoys, are already on the planning stage of what to decorate for the Christmas season. Also, the preparation for the list gifts for their love ones and godchildren.

Kids are really great! They really let you loose off from the stress, especially when your having fun together. Yesterday was quite an unusual grocery because we were on a tight budget and it was a bit embarrassing because our eldest son keeps on asking "Mommy pasok ba to sa budget?" translated as "Mommy is it(pertaining to an item)in the budget?". I know that he wanted to have those food but it was unfortunate that we don't have much to spend for it. Though there were times that he was persistent on certain items we just try to explain it or get something much cheaper.

The dilemma of having few source of income, we couldn't spend more for the kids and get what they want. Kids are growing fast and few more years both of them will go to school already. More and more things to will be needed and more things to be included in our daily budget. We are just thankful to God that He provide all our needs. It may not be instantly but He sure finds way.

Since kids are the ones that are greatly affected when it comes to budget it is just right that we, parents, should teach our kids how things work in the house. This is to give them the sense of responsibility.

So word of kids BUDGET! This makes the people in the grocery put a smile or a grin on their face.
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