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Sunday, January 13

Daddy Day Care: Birthday Event

Maki doing the maze and trace the dot.
Hay... this one was another tiring day... as I thought before we leave for the birthday party.  Well, it turned out that it was not because of some few things that made the kids not too hyper and active.  One, we had a service vehicle; two, the venue of the birthday party is not that big so Maki and Gelo wasn't able to run around; and lastly, Maki was not in the mood to party.

The celebrants of the birthday party was the kids of Gelo's Godfather, our Kumpare.  We were invited together with the other Kumpare and Kumare.  We were a little bit late when got to the place and as you've known Maki takes time before he gets tuned up and perhaps that's the reason why he got so very shy.  Gelo was asleep when we arrived and he woke up when it's time to eat.  Gelo got a good nap there and he was energized to play around.

Gelo with his Christmas Gift from his Ninong Jay
So it was a fun day for the kids and I think even though Maki was very shy they both enjoyed it.

How about you?  How was your weekend?
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