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Sunday, January 27

Daddy Day Care: A Party and A Portion of A Tooth

The Pinoy Daddy Blogger has came through this day with less a portion of a tooth.  Yup!  I lost I think 1/3 of my tooth today but before that Me, my wife and the kids enjoyed the day with the celebration of one of our previous Pastor's youngest daughter.  At first my wife wasn't with us so preparing both the kids are really effort, stressful and tiring.  Though, we manage to get prepared and be at the venue ahead of time.  I was thankful enough that my younger sister and with her family decided that we go together.  Thank God!  At least I will have someone to pacify Maki or Gelo when things get worst.

It was a fun afternoon for the kids because it's another party for them and I think my kids are really improving with regards to clowns and magicians but for the mingling part both of them have different attitude towards that.  Maki, still shy and observant most of the time clings on me or to his mom.  Gelo, the so ever bully looking is still as playful as he is and of course the apple of the girls eyes.  Hehehe!  

The kids do really enjoyed the place because aside from the party, the place was wide enough to run around, in which Gelo, Maki and their cousin Usher did.  Whew!  

Now, with regards to my tooth well it was already a portion cracked already and I only kept that portion to hide the void but tonight I totally lost that crack portion because it went of my tooth.  Leaving my tooth 1/3 open.  I don't have much budget right now to have that tooth repaired and I don't know what will the dentist do to it though I know there is a so many ways that they'll be offering, much more I don't know if I can cope up with the cost of it.  Hay... now I'm having a hard time pronouncing the word with an F and S.  

I do pray that I'll get some funds for prayer before the Valentine's comes.  How about you?  What's the worst or best things that happened to you today?  Hope you could share it!
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