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Monday, January 7

Daddy Yashiro's Dream Board

Remember what I have shared here before that I'm busy doing something?  Well, I had finished it already before the holiday season and I have already posted it once on one of our wall, unfortunately I have to take it off because the area is reachable by the kids.  My work might end up torn into pieces. 

I'm sure you were wondering what was that thing and I have made a title of this post about Dream Board.   Hmm... if you were able to watch a documentary (I think) about making your dreams come true well my work is one of this.  The title of that documentary is "The Secret". 

"The Secret" is actually a documentary of things that an individual should do in order to make things come true and according to the moderator and individuals talking on the film it is actually a secret process that is actually not a secret.   Hmm not really sure if I made myself clear about that but as what I understand "The Secret" that they are sharing in order to be successful, etc is not a secret because all of us has it and all we need to do is to open it and channel it into our lives.  Now I'm getting clearer.  One of the practices in The Secret is having yourself a Dream Board, Things I Want, Picture Board or whatever you may call it as long as it has all the things that you want to accomplish.  It is more of a list of things that you want in your life.  It's much better if it is in picture form so that you can actually picture out what you really wanted.

I have done this Dream Board before and some of them came true already.  So for now I tried to picture out another scene again and I wanted to have bigger things because the family is already getting bigger.

So what does my Dream Board have?  Well,  my Dream Board first contains my prayer for having a good relationship with the Lord, a happy family, good health, debt-free and abundant wealth, an educational plan for the kids, and then around it is scattered with different things like the house with swimming pool (Maki wants a house with swimming pool), vehicles (I forgot to put the car there), Money of course (not only Peso but Dollar as well), business,  appliances and other gadgets like the Smart TV, Computer set, iPhone, iPad, DSLR Camera, etc.  Of course all of these things will only come true when it is sealed with a prayer and a drive to make it happen. 

Oh I forgot to tell where I placed it.  Guess where?

To make it be seen always I decided to place it on the ceiling of our bedroom.  That's the place where the kids would reach it but will be able to look at always as well.  So it will be not only me but the whole family will be visualizing our dream.

So what do you think of my DREAM BOARD?  Hope you could pray for me and my family as well to achieve all of these.

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