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Friday, January 11

Friday Toys: Avengers RC Car

Last Christmas Maki and Gelo got some wonderful gifts from their Godparents, Tito, Tita and others.  Take note, wife and I don't know where to place all those toys.  Hay... we really need a bigger house.  Well that one of my prayers, to own a wonderful house and lot for my family.

Okay so much with that.  So since there are plenty of toys to showcase here in our Friday Toys segment we'll have it one toy at a time.  I just hope that they haven't tear it to pieces yet. 

So for now we will be having an RC car and it is called the Avengers RC Car.  Well perhaps they call it that way because the characters pictured as the car designs were the Avengers superheroes.  Well perhaps the manufacturer of this RC Car wanted to let the kids enjoy more of the Avengers superhero fad.  Not really sure about the model of the car but I like the design.  It looks like a Porsche.  It got bright head lights.  Remote Control that can command forward, backward, left and right.  As usual and as common this RC Car is power by 4 double A batteries, two for the remote and two for car itself. 

A tip for all the Moms and Dads out there, if you're kids received RC Car gifts well better buy some sets of rechargeable batteries and of course the charger also.  Thus, this will help you save a lot on battery expenses.   Just make sure that you, parents are the ones doing the charging and not the kids. 

Not sure if the age printed on the box of the toys is really right because it says 8 years old and above but my son Maki is only 5 years old.  Perhaps if his going to play with it I'll make sure that I'm around or I'm assisting him when playing.  For now it is keep only inside the cabinet will only be brought out when I'm there to play with him.

So what are the toys your son got last Christmas?
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