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Friday, January 25

Friday Toys: One Direction Dolls

Image from Toy Kingdom

I know this is not the usual toys that I'm sharing on my Friday Toys but I just want to share this as well here on our Friday Toys segment.  First of all this is the first time that I've seen a boy band being put into a doll.  I think the only singer that I've known been put into a doll is Michael Jackson.  

Anyway this one is quite okay and it sings "What Makes You Beautiful" and "One Thing".  This singing dolls is available at Toy Kingdom for only Php2,299.75 each.  So each members of the 1D or One Direction is cost that much so for those who want to complete the whole set will just have to spend a lot and more than 10K.  But hey if it's for collecting this is good enough to be one of the collections.

So what toys were you like to have for this year?  Hope you could share it here.

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